Experience Kobe’s Enjoyable Lifestyle
for Foreign Nationals

Since the opening of the Port of Kobe in 1868, Kobe has been a city with a large population of residents from foreign countries. In Kobe’s Chuo Ward, around 1 in 10 residents are foreign nationals, and people from many countries and regions call Kobe their home. This creates a cosmopolitan and bustling city which celebrates its diverse history and culture. This comfortable atmosphere leads many foreign residents to say that they would like to live in Kobe for the long term.

For new international residents, the city provides a wide range of services to support them and provide opportunities to get involved with the local community. For example, the Kobe International Community Centre is funded by the City, and provides comprehensive support such as disaster preparation information, free one-to-one Japanese sessions with Kobe residents and free interpreting services in 7 languages.

During this ‘Experience Life in Kobe for Foreign Nationals’ program, participants will experience the rich variety of life which is unique to Kobe, with outdoor activities in Kobe’s Rokko Mountains, a visit to one of Japan’s most popular and ancient hot springs at Arima onsen, and a chance to experience the vibrant and diverse atmosphere of downtown Kobe. You can also find out about life in Kobe first hand, meeting and socializing with some of Kobe’s international residents.

Experience Life in Kobe for Foreign Nationals: Program Outline

  1. November 17 (Fri.) – 19 (Sun.), 2017
Eligible to Apply
Foreign Nationals who wish to move house. During the program, one English speaking staff member will always be present.
Total Number of Participants
5 groups (If more than five groups apply, participants will be chosen by lottery)
Kobe Sannomiya Tokyu REI Hotel
Meals Provided
0 (participants agree to pay for own meals)
Price of Program
However, you will be responsible for meals at the actual expenses.
Exchange meeting approximated cost for one person is 2000 yen for dinner on the first day and 2000 yen for dinner on the second day.
Also please note that you will be responsible for transportation fee to meeting place, during the trip, on your way back home and expenses related to activity (ex. Admission fee).

Experience Program Itinerary

*Subject to minor changes

Day 1

Gathering at Shin-Kobe station ⇒ Orientation at Co-working space ”plug078”
Walk around Shinkaichi and enjoy the Kobe downtown
Tour of the Kobe International Community Center, which provides guidance on education, medical care and daily life in Kobe
Chance to meet and have dinner with foreign residents living and working in Kobe City at a restaurant in the Kitano area
Return to hotel in the city

Day 2

Experience the Kobe farmers' market held Higashi-Yuenchi Park in Kobe City Center/Sannomiya
Take the Rokko Cable to Rokko Mountain
Lunch at a café near Rokko-sanjo station
Walk through the mountain road and visit Rokko Garden Terrace
Take the ropeway to Arima Onsen
Take a hot spring bath and walk around Arima-Onsen
Meet and have dinner with foreigners living and working in Kobe City at a restaurant in the former settlement area.
Return to a hotel in the city

Day 3

Visit artisans’ galleries lining the streets under the Hankyu railway in Nada Ward
Walk around Suidosuji shopping arcade in Nada ward and have Lunch
Explore Meriken Park and Harborland
Fill in Questionnaire and program closing

Conditions of Participation

In order to participate in this program, participants are asked to agree with the following conditions.
※Applicants must agree with the conditions beforehand, and then check the completion email after submitting application form.

Reception has been closed. Thank you for many candidates.

Enquiries regarding these programs:

“LIVE LOVE KOBE” Kobe City Relocation Experience Project Secretariat

TEL: 078-570-0150 * 10:00 – 17:00 Monday – Friday

(Contact Staff: Morita, Kawamura, Inazumi, Okuda)

(Located within the Kobe Branch Office of JTB West)
5F, Sannomiya Chuo Building, Goko-dori, Chuo-ku, Kobe City, Hyogo Prefecture 651-0087, Japan